Call for Papers

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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

• Controlled Release of Bioactive Agents
• Interactions of Biomaterials and Cells
• Integration in Tissues
• Functionalization and Bioactivity
• Biomimetic Approaches and Advanced Applications in Tissue Engineering
• Hard tissues and materials
• Soft tissues and materials
• Natural, biologically inspired and biomimetic materials
• Metals and ceramics as biomaterials
• Mechanobiology (development, physiology and disease)
• Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
• Multiscale modelling and simulation of tissue mechanical properties
• Multiscale experimental characterization of tissue mechanical properties
• Hierarchical polymer materials and composites
• Self-assembly of biological and biomaterials
• Tribology, friction and wear as well as fatigue
• Materials failure in physiologically extreme conditions and disease


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